It’s Only

It’s only 1 kilometer, 1 slice, 1 sip, 1 click, 1 peek, 1 time, 1 lick.

“It’s only 7 km.” my husband and I said as we inched our way further and further north. “It’s only 39 km.  Let’s go.”  We kept driving and then realized that we could eventually end up on the west coast of Canada by saying “it’s only”.

‘It’s onlies’ can make the world of difference; 1 smile, 1 verse,  1 prayer, 1 thank you, 1 scrap of litter, 1 hug, 1 kind note, 1 helping hand, 1 yes to God.  ‘It’s only 1 bite’ got us into this mess. Thank God for His Only, who has gotten us out.


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