Delete Forever

imageI like the ‘Delete Forever’ button and thought I would write about how everything we have ever said, done or thought (things we do not want to ever have repeated) have all been ‘deleted forever’ when we have asked God to truly forgive us. So I took a screen shot from my email account.

I then noticed the words ‘You have to Choose to Change’ and the little words, ‘trash and church’. You can see where I am going here. Everything is a choice. Love is a choice. Who wants to be loved by someone who has to love you? Change is a choice. We can choose to stay the same or make changes; both choices. I can choose ‘trash’. I can choose ‘church’. I can choose ‘delete forever’ or keep things in my ‘inbox’ to pull up every now and again and mull over or even open up and send around and probably hurt others.

If things are really ‘trash’ in my life and not helping me become more loving, then I want to ‘delete them forever’and never let them back into my inbox again.

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1 Response to Delete Forever

  1. Jan says:

    Lovely metaphor. Thanks!
    – Jan

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