There’s Either Going to Be a Choir or There Isn’t Going to Be a Choir

imageI remember arriving early with my sisters and mother for a cousin’s wedding. While we waited, we looked around, the sun streaming in, brightening the colour of the blonde wood and warming us in the pew. Just ahead of us was a section that had pews facing in a perpendicular direction up near the chancel or stage as we ignorantly called it.

My sisters and I bantered back and forth about the purpose of this section of the church and the suggestion was made that the perpendicular pews were probably for a choir. We wondered if our cousin would have a choir at her wedding. Being the youngest and not the sharpest at keeping up my end of a conversation with intelligent comments, I said… “well, there is either going to be a choir or there isn’t going to be a choir”. Since then this phrase has periodically popped up at family gatherings when the unknown is being faced.

Life is like that….unknown. What lies ahead? The who, what, when, where, and whys of life are not usually known by us until we fall headlong into them. I have finally got the message (well, until the next time) that it is not up to me to know in the first place and it is so much easier, way less stressful and often heaps more fun!

I do not know the outcome, but I know Who to come to.
Jeremiah 29:11

My cousin didn’t have a choir.

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