Tethered and Free

imageWe recently moved to a new city where the law says cats must be leashed. This is not an easy adaptation for a cat who is used to being on the loose and free to come and go as he pleases. I went outside to set him free from his leash entanglements several times this morning and he kept getting himself wound around things and then stuck and unable to move. Like us, eh? We are on a leash of obedience to God who has set boundaries for us to keep us from evil, but so often we wander and go places and get entangled in the things of the world and then we pull against Him and make things worse. We can choose to sit quietly and wait on God to untangle things for us. For me, I like the leash of love I am on. He reins me in when I wander and like the cat, would rather run off and do my own thing. Praise God for keeping me lovingly tethered to Him.


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