Jewels Around My Neck

imageI have been overwhelmed by open arms, doors and hearts, while preparing and carrying out a move to another province. The good byes and hellos have encouraged me along while being led by the Hand that knows us intimately.

During the moving process in the past two months and the inevitable good byes that took place, an image of a necklace came to me about all the people, especially the women in my life that have been like beads and precious gems on a necklace. Each one has been added as a special jewel and God has wondrously and gently draped them all around me. Some jewels were “hanging around my neck” but they helped me to become more patient and others have been “pains in the neck” and to those I say thank you, you helped me become more loving, but mostly the gems and jewels that I have been delighted to know and continue to wear around me, have added sparkle and joy to my life and each new bead of a friend makes it even brighter and richer. Thank you to all the jewels in my life and all the new ones being added daily.

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