Just in Time

imageMy favourite teaching pen and watch that hang around my neck went missing. Along with the butterfly and lighthouse pictured on the pen is part of a favourite verse; “Trust in The Lord”. As usual I think…hmmm…a message for me? Right off the bat, the message to the finders of my pen is that Nancy believes in trusting the Lord, or does she? Her watch is attached to this too.
Do I trust in the Lord to let me know what time to change classes, when to go for lunch (not just a growling stomach) and all the other commitments of a day? It is so fun when I trust His perfect timing and I am right there to open the door for a person with an armload of something or when I “happen” to meet someone I have been thinking about, without arranging or texting a time and many more of the “just in time” moments of life. Not to say these new fangled tech gadgets are not useful to keep us scheduled, but what have we lost by trying to do it all ourselves? We’ve been hurried and scurried and worried to meet deadlines, interrupting fun times with God, time alone or time with people in order to get on to the next task or event.

More and more, there are times when I feel right in sync with Him and it is sheer delight! I’m not sure I can toss away my timepiece completely yet, but I am wanting and learning to live life more and more, trusting only and all in Him.

Especially while so many people ‘stress’ at this time of year I pray you will find time to trust in the Lord, knowing you are where and when, you need to be and enjoy even more of His peace, love and joy, “just in time”.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your paths.”

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