Keep Your Eye on the Skip

imageOn a whim I went to the local curling rink to try out the sport that people rave about here in small town Nova Scotia. Curling buffs correct me if I am wrong, but what I learned is that it is not important to keep your eye on the ‘button’ but to keep your eye on the ‘skip’ with the broom, where he is and what he is doing and on the ‘mark’ where he points. I also tried to slide, but could not keep upright at the same time. I sometimes seem to slide through life and think I am moving forward, but I may not be ‘upright’ in my heart and soul. I never did get the hang of curling, but Jesus taught me stuff about Him through it all anyway.

While the curling enthusiasts kept saying to me ‘bend down, at the hack, ‘push off’ always keep your eye on the ‘skip’ and deliver the ‘rock’, I kept hearing be humble, kneel and pray , use your energy, talents and gifts, keep your eye on Jesus, and deliver the message of God’s love.
It’s not important to keep my eye on the ‘button’ or heaven, but keep my focus on the ‘Skip’ with the broom, on Jesus, where He is and what He is doing and on the mark where He points. I am to trust the ‘Skip’ for the direction and it will go where He sees it needs to go and to whom it will bless….it may hit right on, the first time and a soul will be redeemed or it may need a ‘sweep’ and others along the way to make it to the ‘button’. It takes team work to deliver God’s message to this hurting world. My ‘rock’ will hit other ‘rocks’ and send them into the ‘house’ and closer to the goal, the ‘button’. Let go of the rock (the message) send it out and let God take over and use it, but always keep focused on Jesus the Skip and the rock will go where He wants it to go.

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3 Responses to Keep Your Eye on the Skip

  1. liamac says:

    I love this analogy! I’m an avid curler – don’t get to do it much down here in North Carolina but play every chance I get when I’m back in Canada. Sounds like you’ve figured out what’s truly important in the game (and in faith) – get back in there and give it another try. If nothing else, you get to wear a kilt – how many sports have that kind of class?

  2. That’s the Stellar Curling Club in Stellarton right there… you live in Stellarton?

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