Knitting the Kingdom

image For the umpteenth time I have taken up knitting. Numerous times I have learned to cast on. I knit and pearl and flow along feeling a sense of accomplishment and then suddenly end up in a mess of knots and holes. Trying to fix these leads to… well let’s just say my knitting attempts are usually dropped as frequently as I drop stitches.
Knitting to me has been one painful stitch, laboriously joined together one at a time. Then today as I sat knitting while waiting for a friend, I realized knitting is like kingdom building. One soul at a time, ideally being knit carefully into God’s pattern for His creation. Some of us are pearled, some are knit, some of us are really fancy stitches. But some of us get dropped, we fall by the way and we need someone skillful to come along at the right time and help us get knit back in. Some of us are loose and could benefit from coming in closer and tighter in relationship with Jesus and His church, others of us are too tight and need to loosen up and recognize that we have been set free by the price paid on the cross and let go and let God take control.
When I knit, some of the yarn gets shredded when poked through by the needle. Life can make us feel shredded at times and we feel like ripping it all out and starting over. Maybe this is like being born again. We are given an opportunity to start again. To have all the old ripped out and be made a new creation by Christ. We are loved so much by the Master Knitter, he has done the ultimate to bring us back and knit us anew. He loves us no matter how many times we try and quit. Allow Him to repair your shredded life, forgive your mistakes, pick you up when you have felt dropped by others and enjoy being part of the amazing garment being made ready for our Creator, God.
by Nancy

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