Java Jesus

my favourite travel mug

my favourite travel mug

Gathering at the local coffee shop early this morning got me thinking. Jesus is in this place. Here is community meeting over a cup. Drinking a cup with others. It’s a communion of sorts. A cup of warm java wakes us up, stimulates our senses of smell and taste. I enjoy a coffee in my travel mug that will not be carelessly tossed away, but can be cleaned out everyday. I cherish this mug and can refill it daily.

Like my mug, I am not tossed away, but I am loved and cherished and can be made clean by simply confessing when I have messed up and move on.(1John1:9) Like my travel mug, I can ask the Holy Spirit, to fill me up with His love, His warmth, to wake me up, and wake up the church. He is a sweet aroma and luscious flavour in my life. He is always fresh, every day. His mercies are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness.
by Nancy

Always Fresh like the love of Jesus...fill me up!

Always Fresh like the love of Jesus…fill me up!

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