Bubble Gum and God

Fun with God and gumMmmm….looking at the Dubble Bubble gum package made me stop and think. I unwrapped the paper to expose the sweet smelling pink piece of chewing gum. I did not put it in my mouth. Is this a lesson about temptation, the colourful packaging, familiar sweet and enticing or is there some love from God in this? The devil always tries to take what is good and turn it for his devious purposes. Chewing gum is a short lived simple treat that can give me moments of unconscious pleasure chewing, enjoyable taste and fun blowing bubbles. Hard to believe, but I still have not put this piece of gum in my mouth as I ponder all of this.
Taste and see that the Lord is good, happy are they who trust in Him, rings in my memory. I can choose to chew or choose not to chew. It is up to me to put it in my mouth, taste it and chew it. Like God’s Word, the Bible, I can unwrap a colourful new Bible and admire it, remove it from the box, breathe in the smell of the leather cover, and feel the smooth fresh, untouched pages. I can smell the sweetness of the unwrapped gum too. It is not until I put it in my mouth, and chew and savour the taste in my mouth…. it is not until I read a verse, reread and ponder the words of the scripture and let it colour and flavour my being…that I truly enjoy Dubble Bubble gum and the Bible. The Bible verses begin to bubble up inside of me as God’s Word is chewed over in my mind and Spirit and allowed to trickle down inside of me and sweeten me inside with God’s message of love. Yup, gum, bubble gum is is like God’s Word, left in the package, nice to look at, but taken in and chewed, puts real joy inside of me.

Okay, I am going to put this piece of gum in my mouth and and enjoy it while also opening God’s word to chew on it. When I close my eyes and chew and feel the texture and flavour in my mouth..mmmmm, it tastes so good. I will chew on God’s message today….mmm…what do You have for me today Lord? I will read a portion out loud, like blowing a bubble, it gives expression, creativity, fun and I can hear the Word and taste it at the same time.

Right on Lord! What fun! My Psalm appointed for today since it is the 4th of the month “just happened” to be Psalm 34 and what does verse 8 say? “Taste and see that The Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.”I will chew on this all day.
What fun with God and gum!

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