Lord of the Dance



by M.E.West

For years I have begged God for a dancing partner. That would be the ultimate in a dating activity. Oh, to just let loose on the dance floor with someone who really knew what he was doing, with a real sense of rhythm and some skill at leading.

When I retired, I decided to take dance lessons with the possibility of meeting a companion. Ching ching. There went the price of a flight and hotel in New York City. What was I thinking? I signed up for Fred Astaire Dance Studio lessons. I was a quick study so they cut the free package. Then the real lessons ensued for the big bucks. With this deal came an opportunity to attend the Thursday night party and dance show.
The party was interesting except I quickly became a spectator. While women who were younger, more experienced, or had their own partners danced the night away, I was a shrivelling wall flower, like a sunflower drooping over the back fence. It was all too much: sad and disappointing. Who needed this ? Not me.

I have been disappointed in not meeting someone who could sweep me off of my feet, literally. I had longed for this for years. About 34 years ago, I clearly remember a time when I sang Thou has turned my mourning into dancing for me, Thou has put off my sack cloth,
Thou has turned my mourning into dancing for me, And girded me with gladness. Psalm 30:11
Why did I not open my eyes or my heart to see that through a relationship with Jesus Christ I already had the perfect partner — the Lord of the Dance?
He was saying
“Dance, dance wherever you may be,
I AM the Lord of the Dance
I’ll lead you all wherever you may be,
I’ll lead you all in the dance.
I am the one who will never, never die.”

Why didn’t I see? Why didn’t I want Him?
He had already chosen me, but I waltzed out of the room. By His grace, I am now content to receive Him as Lord of the Dance, my Lord, and He will lead me on. He gave me the reason to dance and rejoice in His love, content that I am His beloved and He is mine.

Dancing is pure joy and freedom to express myself. Eccl. 3:4 There is a time to mourn and a time to dance. So when there’s an opportunity for Scottish country dancing or a wedding reception invite… I’ll grab friends and we’ll boogie the night away! God is omnipresent!

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