Cappuccino Moments

A comfy armchair, quiet, a free cappuccino offered here in the Porter lounge in the Ottawa airport and time… life and love are like a cappuccino…inviting, warm, fun, frothy, flavourful and to be enjoyed in a small delicate china cup and saucer. No heavy mug or flimsy paper cup. Not a “grabba java”, but a savouring of life in small doses; a cappuccino moment. Moments of sit, pause, rest, and sip. Gentle movements bring life and love to our lips, where the aroma and expectation and anticipation of flavour infuse our minds with colourful memories and splashes of joy. Living life cappuccino style is seeing and taking cappuccino moments in every day moments of life. New baby in a mother’s arms, pigeons and squirrels on the move, views out a window, feeling the breeze on your skin, the smile of anyone and even better smiling and seeing them smile in return or savouring the moment of the kitchen counter wiped clean. Cappuccino moments are everywhere…enjoy a tiny cup of froth, fun, warmth and flavour. Take a sip today.


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