Fill ‘er Up With Regular

My eldest daughter had it right and she obviously paid attention while out with her Dad in the car. She told me, in her simple 2 year old voice, when her baby sister  was fussing  to “fill ‘er up with regular”. That meant sitting down and nursing her, which I loved to do, and which slowed me down and helped me to do what was the most important thing at that time.

So often, I have begun my day on ’empty’ and tried to tend to family and friends and eventually ‘lost it’ since my tank was totally depleted and I had nothing more to give. I would have good intentions of spending time “filling up my tank”, but other things always loomed up in front of me, be it laundry, the phone, the door or some minor or major disaster that comes with being a parent at home. There was always something else to do that seemed more important, but was it?

The days I took time to fill up my tank with love from my Heavenly Father and allow Him to speak to me through the words of the Bible and listen to Him quietly in my heart, went far more smoothly even with all the minor and major disasters of life. I had the strength and the energy and the patience to deal with them. Somewhere I got legalistic and thought I had to have time first thing in the morning. I tried, but usually I just ploughed through my day and left people, mostly family, tossed on the side.

I am have learning that it is far better to travel this journey of life on a full tank filled up with God’s love.   Simply ‘pull over’ and ‘fill’er up’.

Philippians 1:9-11








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