The Agitator

... if only we could identify the agitator so easily

… if only we could identify the agitator so easily

Like the washing machine, thoughts swish around in my mind and don’t come to an end. All we are like laundry; dirty, soiled and stained by sin, thrown into a pile…but we can be lifted into the washer soaked in God’s love. Even drenched in God’s love, does not keep us from the spins and trial of life. There is an agitator and he is in the washer of our lives, tossing and spinning and churning us about. When will it end? What good can come from all this? It stops for a while and then we allow more of God’s love to flood over us and it starts again, more churning and tossing. Sometimes it’s too much to understand but we are tossed about as we are made clean and the tossing continues even though we now are forgiven and clean, more water, more love, more trials and tossing until the finally, the final spin, our final ‘war with pain’ and then STOP …we are lifted out drenched in His love, spun clean and pure before our Maker and then hung out to dry in His glory and for His praise.


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