Tea with Jesus

 Toccata joined us and Ivy is listening in.

I had tea with Jesus in our living room and Toccata joined us and Ivy listened in

The Tara string quartet from Poland plays as I am escorted to a table for two. Me and You Jesus. I am in a dress with jewelry around my neck and gloss on my lips. This is a cruise tea at four in the afternoon and I am alone in a room full of people chattering away and sipping their tea. But Jesus you are across from me and I pour and You listen. I feel so loved so beautiful in Your presence and I sip my hot tea from a dainty china cup, trying not to clang it against the edge of the saucer. Oops, I forgot to put the tea bag back in the pot for our second cup. I am here with You Jesus and loving the sound of the classical music. Tears of joy gently spill and I must wipe them with the fancy napkins and I feel more tears of joy well up inside. How I feel loved and full of your love and warmed by tea and more of Your love inside poured out all over and in and around me.



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