Launderer’s Soap, My Heart’s Only Hope

Not as catchy for a song about being purified, but while reading “For he will be like a refiner’s fire or a launderer’s soap” in Malachi, I thought about Brian Doerksen’s, popular song Refiner’s Fire.

I started to sing not “Refiner’s fire, my heart’s one desire”,  but “Launderer’s soap, my heart’s only hope”.

The image is not as grand as a fire purifying my heart, but I do choose to be washed and scrubbed and tossed and spun and lathered and agitated and rinsed and spun again and then hung out to dry in the Son, to be holy, and set apart for you, my Lord.

Launderer’s Soap…my heart’s only Hope!

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Mangy Manger

Just a mangy manger,
Trough made to feed.
In a mangy manger,
born, all I’ll ever need.

King of Glory, worthy,
of all pomp and majesty,
placed in a mangy manger
to simply set me free.

How do I get my head around it?
It’s meant for hearts to know.
I’m the mangy manger,
where His Spirit longs to grow.

Fluff up my mangy manger,
Full of filth I try to hide.
Lovely, gentle Jesus
Come take Your place inside.

Enjoy a Merry and meaningful Christmas!







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Lobbing Balls and Love

    • Life coming at you in all directions?

Can’t keep all the balls on the go?

Take a swing, one ball at a time. Swing front hand with thanksgiving or take a backhand shot of forgiveness and watch that ball fly over the net of expectations.

Keep lobbing those balls and soon you will be a pro!

‘Love’ in tennis means zero. Maybe it’s not all about winning.  Love conquers.

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It’s Only

It’s only 1 kilometer, 1 slice, 1 sip, 1 click, 1 peek, 1 time, 1 lick.

“It’s only 7 km.” my husband and I said as we inched our way further and further north. “It’s only 39 km.  Let’s go.”  We kept driving and then realized that we could eventually end up on the west coast of Canada by saying “it’s only”.

‘It’s onlies’ can make the world of difference; 1 smile, 1 verse,  1 prayer, 1 thank you, 1 scrap of litter, 1 hug, 1 kind note, 1 helping hand, 1 yes to God.  ‘It’s only 1 bite’ got us into this mess. Thank God for His Only, who has gotten us out.


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Migh-Tea, God

Almighty God. God is mighty. He is “My Tea”.

It is not formal communion, but while sitting with Jesus and sipping tea, I am communing with Him.  When I inwardly drink the warm tea, it is like when I allow Him to inwardly refresh and warm me with His words and touches of love. I pray that however you like to commune with our Lord and Saviour, you are warmed and refreshed in His presence.

(interesting that “t” is also the shape of the cross…I love these little splashes from Him…have a super day!)

Nancy Continue reading

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Unwrapping Gifts


Christmas gifts, so fun to wrap. Trying to find just the right colour paper or concealing the bumps and lumps of that awkward gift that just won’t seem to fit into a box or bag, can be challenging. All the while we are thinking about the one who will be opening it up and hoping they will love what we have chosen especially for them.
God does that too. He wraps up gifts for us in all shapes and sizes and colours and gives them to us daily. We can choose to smile at them or walk by and ignore them.
God has other gifts for us too. We often think “oh God, don’t bother, I don’t need anything more”. Aren’t you glad about the ones you stopped to unwrap with a thankful heart? What wonderful surprises!
Perhaps we want to say, “God, you really shouldn’t have, it wasn’t necessary”. But oh, yes it is and He does, daily, hourly, moment by moment, give. He gives big ones, like those in 1 Corinthians 12 and Romans 12 and Ephesians 4. They are like the gift game where an enormous, gaily decorated, package is slowly unwrapped, layer by layer of paper as the music stops. We never know who will get the gift. The fun part is when the gift inside is revealed and shared with the others. Like us, our gifts are to be enjoyed and shared with the rest of the world, so we can do our part in continuing to build ‘His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven’.
Have a Merry Christmas!

Spiritual Gifts

Gifts of Grace

Concerning Spiritual Gifts


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Cling Wrapped

I cling to you; your right hand upholds me”.  Psalm 63:8 jumped out at me and clung to me this morning.

Like that annoying plastic wrap designed to cling to a bowl, but entangles itself around everything else, I want my soul to cling to God.

I think He is the One allowing all the irritants in my life so I will cling more closely to Him.

I’ve noticed lately that our dog does the same thing, so much so that I often trip over her. As she longs to be close to me, God longs for me to be close to Him. The closer I am and the more I allow my soul to cling to God, the better it is. Bring on the Cling Wrap!

by Nancy

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